Minister's guards bash up traffic cop for doing his duty

Sep 12, 2012, 07:14 IST | Agencies

Personal security officers of a Jammu and Kashmir minister assault traffic policeman with butts of AK-47 rifle after the latter stops an escort vehicle in the minister's cavalcade for jumping a red light; accused arrested and booked

Two personal security guards of a Jammu and Kashmir minister have been arrested for beating up a traffic policeman who had stopped the escort vehicle of a ministerial cavalcade for jumping a red light here. The minister said he learned about it only later.

The security guards of Public Health Engineering Minister Taj Mohiuddin were arrested late Monday. According to eyewitnesses, the cavalcade ignored the red signal at the TRC crossing yesterday evening as the minister was heading towards his residence in Gupkar Road.

BRUTALISED: Doctors said Mohan Lal had been badly beaten up and had bruises over the eye and other injuries

“A traffic sub-inspector finally managed to stop the rear escort vehicle in the minister’s cavalcade for violation of the traffic signal at the busy road crossing. The guards of the minister jumped out of the vehicle and started beating the traffic cop ruthlessly,” an eyewitness said.

Police have arrested two security guards of the minister for the assault on a traffic cop on duty. “The cops who beat the traffic police officer have been arrested and booked. I have asked for the strongest possible action under law,” Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abullah said in a message on Twitter.

“They have been arrested by Kothi Bagh police station and an FIR for murderous assault has been lodged against them,” informed police sources.

Traffic police sub-inspector Mohan Lal, who was admitted to hospital, told his seniors that his assailants used AK-47 rifle butts to beat him up, the sources said. Doctors said he had been badly beaten up and had bruises over the eye and other injuries.

Mohiuddin, however, said he had no idea about the incident. “It all happened after my vehicle had crossed. I have no knowledge about what exactly happened in the rear of my cavalcade,” the minister said.

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