2 minutes to fashion chic

Oct 05, 2012, 01:21 IST | Ruchika Kher

If you're pressed for time, Strut120.com is here to help you with its handy 2-minute styling videos to ensure you look your best at all times

It’s often said; you feel the way you look. Hence, it’s only fair that you take some time out for yourself and not just look but also feel wonderful. Strut120.com makes it easier since it gives women the real perspective and approach to fashion, beauty and shopping in just two minutes.

From exclusive how-to’s and DIY videos, to trends, deals, shopping and lifestyle news, the website packs it all. “There are a variety of websites that cater to the fashion-centric audience but the reach is minimal and content is very serious,” says Roopak Saluja, founder of the site. He adds that there was a need for an online entity that would cater to women and their fashion choices: That’s the idea behind Strut120.”

The website aims to be a girl’s style sister, someone whose opinion matters to her and someone who is there with her in her dressing room, giving her the right guidance and the right resources to get that fashionable look.

Strut120 focuses on varied facets and aspire to publish a minimum of five fashion stories daily, to keep people abreast with fashion news. This apart, the site will also feature real-life narratives from girls about their makeover tales. Celebrity stories – their fashionable lives, beauty secrets and lifestyle ideas along with a complete shopping guide will also be available apart from the two-minute videos.

A screen shot of the website

“The website features a variety of brands, attitudes and ideas – ones that reach out to every kind of consumer. A girl from Jhansi is as comfortable with the content as a woman from Delhi. The idea is to straddle both worlds with ease whilst keeping the fashion and style quotient high,” explains Saluja.

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