Miracles still happen: Makrand Deshpande

Mar 16, 2013, 04:12 IST | Asira Tarannum

Makrand Deshpande on his streak of bad luck, chatting with Shah Rukh Khan and why theatre comes first

Theatre is his biggest passion any day, but that doesn’t stop director-actor Makrand Deshpande from dabbling in films as well. Over croissants and a steaming cup of tea at Prithvi Theatre, Makrand talks about his recurrent ill luck with films, good friend Shah Rukh Khan and his upcoming film Sona Spa.

Makrand Deshpande
Pic/Santosh Nagwekar

Pick one: Theatre or cinema?
Theatre any day! Film ka apna ek lamba process chalta hai. But those who have watched my plays will vouch that we don’t get this wonderful experience even after watching blockbuster films. The experience of watching a play is so real that it lingers for long. Theatre has its own charm.

Luck didn’t favour you with the last few films you made?
Yes, I had a phase of bad luck going on. I directed my first film in 2001, for which the distributor said kabhi release nahi hogi and it really didn’t. But miracles still happen! After two years, the representatives at Cannes approached me for releasing the film there. They called it a masterpiece. But I still didn’t have enough luck. The film had some technical issues and we couldn’t go. We couldn’t have matched up to their quality levels. I also made a film for Subrata Roy’s production house but even that got shelved. The producers of my next film vanished mid-way. However, I was still doing well in theatre – writing, directing and producing plays. However soon after, my last film Shahrukh Bola ‘Khoobsurat hai tu’ happened and now my new film Sona Spa is about to release.

The film is based on a play you did?
Yes, I wrote Sona Spa. People loved the play so I thought I needed another medium to showcase it. I repeated my cast and the only person I added was Naseeruddin Shah. He has been really kind to me over the last few years.

You also met Shah Rukh while shooting the film.
I was shooting with Naseeruddin Sahab at Mehboob studio and Shah Rukh was also there. I went to meet him. He asked, ‘kya kar raha hai?’ I said, ‘film bana raha hoon. Ab tere sone ki zarurat nahi hai.’ My film is about people who will sleep on your behalf while you can keep doing your work. 

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