Miranda Kerr stalker arrested in LA

Jun 22, 2013, 20:49 IST | ANI

A man from East Sandwich, Massachusetts, has been arrested after allegedly threatening to kill Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr

According to a daily, Steven C Swanson was taken into custody on Wednesday and charged after he called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to tell them he was planning to travel to California to shoot and kill the 30-year-old model, a website reported.

Miranda Kerr. Pic/Santa Banta
Miranda Kerr. Pic/Santa Banta

Police records show Swanson, 52, threatened to turn Kerr’s LA home “upside down”.

He also reportedly referred to the model as his “soul mate”.

A search of Swanson’s house reportedly found photographs of Kerr on his refrigerator, microwave and bookshelf.

However, no weapons were found.

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