Mischievous Balotelli plays prank on Man City photographer

Aug 22, 2012, 13:15 IST | ANI

Mario Balotelli is at it again! Only this time his target is his own team's photographer...

Mario Balotelli played a prank on a Manchester City photographer Sharon Latham, by grabbing an expensive piece of camera equipment from her.

Just before the champions’ opening match against Southampton, the unpredictable striker strolled down the tunnel at the City of Manchester Stadium, casually hi-fiving the young mascots.

Mario Balotelli. Photo: AFP

Meanwhile, Latham is crouched on the floor snapping away at him.

The switch in Balotelli’s mischievous mind goes and he reaches out for the flash, almost dragging the photographer with him as she tries to cling on.

And with a broad smile on his face, the Italian then twisted of the lens and walked off to the changing room.

Embarrassed Latham didn’t know where to look and only laughed at the prank, the Daily Mail reported.

The referee Howard Webb, walking down the tunnel behind Balotelli, struggles to hide a smirk as he walks past.

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