Missing teen's weak mobile signal preventing cops from tracing him!

May 08, 2012, 08:37 IST | Akela

The 18-year-old Navi Mumbai resident left for his office on May 3 and then disappeared; relatives allege cops aren't probing the case seriously

Five days ago, 18-year-old Babu Yadav left his Kopri Gaon residence in Navi Mumbai at the usual time for his office a little distance away where he worked as a labourer.

Then, he disappeared without a trace. When the teenager didn’t call back his parents at the appointed time of day, they tried to reach him on his mobile.

Disappearing act: Relatives say an unidentified person picked 
up Babu Yadav’s phone and claimed that he had an accident. The mobile has remained switched off since then

They claim someone picked up the phone and said, “Jiska ye mobile phone hai uska accident ho gaya hai (The owner of this cellphone has had an accident).”

The mobile was then disconnected.

“The person told us nothing more about where Babu was and what was the nature of the accident. Since then the cellphone is switched off,” said Mahalaxmi Mandari, Babu’s cousin sister.

Worried relatives checked out all nearby hospitals, but found nothing.

They went to his office, but the employer said Babu had not reported on duty that day. After the search bore no fruit, on May 4, the parents contacted Vashi and APMC police stations. APMC cops registered a missing person’s complaint.

But family members allege police are not taking the matter seriously.

“First a police officer said that Babu’s mobile signal was weak, and the service provider wasn’t a reputed company. Then cops said that since it was night time, the mobile company’s offices had closed down,” said a family member.

Out of sight
“My son has no enmity with anyone. I have no idea what happened with him,” said Munnaiya Yadav, Babu’s father.

“I have registered a missing complaint. For some technical problems we have not been able to trace the boy. We will try our best and will find him soon,” said Gyaneshwar Bhong, senior inspector, APMC police station. 

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