Mithibai college doesn't want us, says final-year students

Jun 04, 2016, 09:26 IST | Pallavi Smart

Final-year students allege they are being harassed over the issue of low attendance

Mithibai College and some of its students have been at loggerheads for a few months now over attendance. The lot of students was not allowed to register for examinations this April due to low attendance. But after the university’s intervention, the issue was resolved and they could appear for the examination.

Now, some are alleging that the college is still harassing them because of the attendance. Students and parents allege that the management keeps calling them to college every 10-15 days but is not giving a clear picture yet. They also claim the college is bending attendance regulations as per its convenience and targeting few students.

“The college is saying they do not want us anymore because of the attendance issue. Each case has genuine issues, either regarding health or something else, because of which the attendance was low. But the college authorities are in no mood to listen to us,” said one of the students.

Her father, a businessman from Virar, said, “The attendance might be low but when we see the result, it is good. Why is the college adamant about the attendance then? We do not understand why it is suddenly an issue in this college. Several students get additional qualifications while having regular degree education. Some also begin to work. There could be several reasons for low attendance. But it is important that children are not ignoring studies, which they can show with their results.”

Another parent, a homemaker from Vile Parle, said, “The college authorities once said that they will issue leaving certificates to these students. But they are not giving any clear picture and keep calling us. The college can just take the decision at once.”

Principal speak
When contacted, principal of the college, Dr Rajpal Hande, said, “These students have attendance lower than 50%. Recently Commerce section students had moved the court on the same issue. But the case did not stand and court stated that there is no reason to not attend college, and have such low attendance.”

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