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Mar 18, 2014, 10:38 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Three questions with Fashion designer Vilvin Sabu

Q. You were born and brought up in Pune and studied at the London School of Fashion. You had your first appearance at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. Take us through your journey.
A. Though I always knew that I will get into some sort of arts, designing happened all of a sudden. I was just out of school when I attended a party. I got an offer to do modelling. eventually did that but when I saw the photos; it wasn't a face but clothes and accessories that looked more striking to me. The idea of creativity in making clothes appealed to me and that was when I decided to get into fashion designing. I went to the London School of Fashion to pursue my dream.

Vilvin Sabu (left) with a model sporting her creation 

Q. It is often observed that whatever is shown on the ramp is difficult to wear in day-to-day life. What's your take on it?
A. As a designer, whenever you have models exhibiting your clothes on the ramp; you put your best foot forward. In real life, one will get bored by wearing a T-shirt and jeans all the time. If you want to look beautiful, you make an effort and experiment. Hence, I make it a point to make something that you can pick and mix with your jeans and other clothes to look stylish.

Q. Compared to the veterans in the field, where does the new breed of designers stand?
A. The new age designers have a different sense of styling. They like to explore various avenues. Though there is no comparison whatsoever with the veterans, we are trying our best. Also with our different sense of aesthetics and untried quirky designs, I don’t think new designers are looking at mainstream but are actually going experimental.

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