'MJ' to play alongside 'John Lennon' and 'Mahatma Gandhi' at this club!

Aug 15, 2013, 15:51 IST | Agencies

Little-known Brazil football club has some 'famous' names in their lineup. They have John Lennon at left-back, Mahatma Gandhi in midfield and now Michael Jackson up front.

Michael Jackson will join Mahatma Gandhi and John Lennon at a Brazilian club. The Brazilian Serie 'B' revealed Jackson was their latest addition, a striker who follows in the strange tradition of Brazilian players who go by their nicknames, as opposed to their family names or given names, the Metro reports.

The 25-year-old’s real name is Carlos Adriano Sousa Cruz, but he is usually known by his nickname which he earned for his eccentric goal celebration where he imitates the late American pop star''s dance.

According to the report, this season he’ll be hoping to do the moonwalk with John Lennon Silva Santos and Mahatma Gandhi Heber Pio. It is the not the first time Michael Jackson has taken to the football field.

Another Michael Jackson, real name Marileia dos Santos, once played for the Brazilian women''s team, taking part in two World Cups and an Olympic Games, the report added. 

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