MMRDA may scrap rental scheme, sell flats after doubling area

Sep 21, 2012, 07:46 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

f you were thinking of living as tenant in an MMRDA rental housing project flat in the coming months because you cannot afford to buy a home right now, do keep a fallback option as the planning authority is contemplating the scrapping of the original plan and going for outright sale instead.

The Mumbai Metropo-litan Region Development Authority is looking at the possibility of merging two 160 sq ft flats and selling the 320 sq ft flats so created after holding a lottery.

If the MMRDA decides to go ahead with the idea, it will have to wait quite some time before the sale can happen as the wall between all adjacent flat pairs will have to be broken to create a single flat. The original MMRDA plan was to make available 3,000 flats of 160 sq feet each in August under its affordable rental scheme.

The MMRDA started thinking of selling instead of renting after coming to the conclusion that it would be difficult for it to collect the rent and maintain the buildings.

Dream homes: MMRDA is contemplating about selling the flats instead of renting them out, as it would be tough to collect the rent and maintain the buildings

“Around 3,000 rental units are ready and we are thinking of making them bigger before giving these to the public,” a senior MMRDA official said, requesting anonymity. “This would be on the lines of the recommendations made by the committee formed on rental housing.”

Four years, but nowhere near target
>> The ambitious rental housing project was announced more than four years ago, with the planning authority saying it would prevent slums from coming up
>> The plan was to construct five lakh dwelling units in five years, but the target is nowhere near realisation
>> A committee headed by former civic chief Subodh Kumar had also been formed to make recommendations on how the rental housing project could be made successful by addressing the problems being faced by the developers and the administration
>> One of the recommendations of the committee was to increase the area of the housing units in future 

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