MNS corporators gift bangles to civic chief

Jul 24, 2013, 01:01 IST | Sukirt Gumaste

As mark of protest over the inaction against corporator Reshma Bhosale, who is accused of electoral irregularities, MNS workers gave Mahesh Pathak bangles

 Angry over Municipal Commissioner Mahesh Pathak’s failure to take action against NCP corporator Reshma Bhosale, MNS corporators created a ruckus at the General Body (GB) meeting yesterday, gifting bangles to the civic chief and also tried to snatch away the mace (Rajadand) from the house.

Soon after the shameful incident all PMC officials, including Pathak, boycotted the GB meeting. PMC officials later raised strong objection against the act of MNS workers, with the PMC workers union demanding an apology.

Symbolic gesture: MNS corporators yesterday decided to present bangles to civic chief Mahesh Pathak at the GB meeting for failing to initiate action against NCP corporator Reshma Bhosale, who has allegedly forged a ‘no dues’ certificate in connivance with PMC employees

A circular issued by the union stated: “PMC officials will not attend the GB meeting till the apology by the concerned corporators is tendered. From tomorrow all employees will wear black bands to work. By gifting bangles, the corporators have also dishonoured women. Tomorrow, the union has organised a protest meet at PMC premises.”

MNS workers were staging the unusual protest in the house against NCP corporator Reshma Bhosale, wife of MLC Anil Bhosale, for her allegedly forging a ‘no dues’ certificate in connivance with PMC employees.

“Reshma had submitted ‘no dues’ certificate using fake documents. She has not paid property tax to the tune of Rs 99,000, but the PMC administration is reluctant to take action against her. An MNS candidate has been implicated for producing bogus birth certificate and was subsequently disqualified by municipal commissioner. Then why shouldn’t Reshma be disqualified and arrested by the police?” asked MNS corporator Rupali Patil.

NCP and Congress leaders criticised the behaviour of MNS corporators. Arvind Shinde, Congress leader of the Opposition, said, “Opposition party has the right to stage protest, but there is democratic way to express your objection. These types of protests will debase the tradition of PMC.”

MNS leader Vasant More said, “We have been pursing this issue for the past year and a half. But PMC officials are turning a blind eye intentionally. We are not ashamed with our way of protest. It is our right.” Meanwhile, the Mayor convinced Pathak to attend the GB meet and demanded he provide a clarification on the Bhosale issue.  Clearing the air, Pathak said, “We have provided detailed information about the Reshma Bhosale matter to the election commission in the month of January. 

There is vast difference between demand and due. After a certain period, the unpaid amount becomes due. In the Reshma Bhosale case, she was given a time limit of three months to pay the property tax. We had submitted detailed information about this to the election commission. In their reply, the election commission informed us that no action could be taken against Reshma Bhosale.” MNS corporators were speechless after Pathak’s clarification.  

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