MNS corporators at odds over desilting of Lakaki Lake

May 15, 2013, 04:49 IST | Anup Satphale

The two corporators, have different opinions on whether or not a clean-up operation is required in the water body

MNS corporators are differing in their views regarding the issue of the desilting of Lakaki Lake at Model colony. They seem to be clueless about each other’s plans with regards to the work of desilting.  “There is a need to clean Lakaki Lake and it will free the opening of natural streams from the structure. Lakaki desilting work started on May 1st but it was opposed by some residents. The work should be completed as soon as possible as the monsoon will arrived soon,” Nilam Kulkarni, corporator of the area said. Kulkarni is also seeking an experts’ report on the work.

Area of dispute: Residents living around Lakaki Lake are divided on whether desilting work needs to be carried out here. Pic/Krunal Gosavi

Meanwhile, residents opposing the work approached another corporator. “We have met various experts about the issue and they are saying that the work is harmful for the flora and fauna. We approached corporator Raju Pawar and he also agreed with us. But the work is going on as another corporator had proposed the work and got it sanctioned the work from PMC,” said Shyamla Desai, a resident of the area.

Pawar, another corporator of the Model colony ward and from the same political party is unaware about the work going on since the last two days and wants to wait for PMC’s experts' report on the issue. “The ecology or the biodiversity must be protected so I am waiting for the experts’ report so that the next step can be taken. If the experts report is pro-desilting work then I will convince the residents.” 

The Lake
Lakaki Lake is oldest lake in the area with natural streams of water, which helps to provide almost 70 per cent of the supply to Pune. The rest of the water is received from the rains.

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