MNS leader writes to cops, demanding 'licence to steal'

Jan 08, 2014, 06:28 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Jayant Avhad says that with prices of essential goods skyrocketing, the common man has no other option but to resort to thieving.

While most political parties are indulging in competitive populism with an eye on polls, some Maharashtra Navnirman Sena members have tried to bring focus back to the perennial problem of price rise.

Party president from Sinnar Taluka in Nashik district Jayant Avhad has sent a letter to the local police, asking for a ‘licence tosteal’, citing burgeoning inflation as the reason. According to Avhad, the government hasn’t left the common man with any other option.

Poll ploy? Avhad says the poor can’t deal with frequent price hikes

“This is a satirical demand, and even if the police grant me such a licence, I would never accept it. However, my only intention behind such a request is that the government wakes up from its slumber, and it should feel ashamed for its failure in tackling increasing inflation,” he said.

Merely a stunt? Jayant Avhad has sent a letter to the local police, asking for a ‘licence to steal’, citing burgeoning inflation as the reason

Avhad says he has been protesting against frequent rise in prices of gas cylinders and other essential commodities, but these have fallen on deaf ears.

“A majority of the people, especially those belonging to the rural parts of the nation, cannot afford such recurrent hikes, and their domestic budget is disturbed. This ultimately leaves many people with no choice but to steal the things that they need, but can’t afford,” said Avhad.

He claimed that Sinnar Taluka is drought prone, and he has been seeing the problems that are faced by the residents. “The situation must be the same in other parts of the country too, and therefore I am demanding that government either curb the high inflation rate, or give me a licence for theft, so I can steal the necessary goods and give them to the needy,” he added.

When contacted, inspector of Sinnar Police station Kalyan Pawar said that this was purely a political stunt, and cops generally did not react to such strange demands.

“Every citizen has a right to express himself, and it’s our duty to accept the proposals. However, we generally close such matters, and we will do that in this case too,” said Pawar.

What experts say
Economist Kiran Moghe said that such satirical acts do not bring pressure on the government. She said that inflation is the result of wrong economic policies of the government and those who want to raise their voice against it should go to the public and spread awareness, which will automatically bring pressure on the government. Moghe added that it’s perfectly fine to draw the attention of the government through such stunts. But, political leaders should not just stop there, and also suggest some ideas, which would reduce the inflation rate 

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