MNS worker's visiting cards turn price tags at shoe shop

Oct 05, 2012, 07:54 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Party's Hadapsar area president of women's wing gets rude shock after being bombarded with calls informing that the goods at a local footwear shop were sporting her visiting cards as price tags; shop owner claims act was not intentional and he recently bought waste cards from a printing agency and did not notice whose they were.

Shopping for shoes in a footwear store in Hadapsar and finding one’s visiting card doubling as a price tag for footwear can be a belittling experience for anyone, but for a worker of a local political party, it could cause quite a stir.

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) party worker is facing a dilemma of sorts after her visiting cards were used as price tags on footwear at a shoe shop in the city and the shop owner simply told her that they had been sold to him as waste material by a printing agency in Hadapsar.

Misused: Manda Shedge, Hadapsar area president of MNS’s women’s wing holding a visiting card that was turned into a price tag. Pic/Pranav Bagade

Manda Shedge, a Hadapsar area president of the MNS’s women’s wing began receiving calls on Wednesday from party workers and local residents informing that visiting cards bearing the party logo and her name and designation were being used as price tags for footwear at a shop nearby.

Shedge rushed to the shop near Hadapsar Mandai along with the party’s area vice president Sanjay Tatya Ghule and a group of party workers and residents. The unnamed shop owner apologised profusely, but Shedge was further shocked to learn that these were the same cards that she had ordered months ago and was unable to collect till date, despite repeated visits to the printer.

Startling news
“I rushed to the shoe shop and was stunned to see that the owner was using my visiting cards as price tags for footwear and I was enraged,” said Shedge. “The shop owner told me that he had recently bought some bundles of waste visiting cards from a Hadapsar-based printing agency to use as price tags. He claims that he did not look at whose cards they were though the party emblem and my name is clearly visible.”

Regarding how the printing agency had her cards, she said that she had placed an order for visiting cards a few months ago, but had not been able to collect them despite visiting the agency repeatedly. “The agency used to say that the cards were not ready and I used to come back empty handed. Now the cards were given to be used as price tags in a footwear shop,” she said.

Shedge is now alleging that the act was a deliberate attempt by the shop owner to malign the party’s image. She also reprimanded the agency for selling her visiting cards to the footwear shop owner without her consent.

The owner of the footwear shop refuted the allegations and said that he had bought the cards from ‘Charudutta Printing Press’ in Hadapsar in two lots. He claims that employees, who were putting the stickers on the cards, had no ill intentions and neither did he, and added that it is not his fault, as the printing agency had given him the cards.

“Our people did not check the face of the cards while labelling them. When Shedge came to the shop, we immediately removed all the cards and apologised,” said the shop owner on condition of anonymity.

When MiD DAY contacted the printing agency, a representative said that Shedge did not come to collect her cards and the stock was set aside as waste and then made their way to the shoe shop.

The city unit president of MNS, Bala Shedge, who was not aware of the incident said, “Shedge did work as president of women’s wing in Hadapsar area. I will personally check on what exactly has happened.” 

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