Mobile phone + crowded train = Woman's death on WR tracks

May 22, 2012, 07:57 IST | Vedika Chaubey

The commuter was engrossed in a conversation on her mobile phone as she hung on to the pole on a train to Andheri, when she suddenly lost her balance, slipped and fell out. She was run over by another train running on the next track

According to eyewitnesses and motormen, 22-year-old Neelam Pawar boarded an Andheri-bound fast local from Virar to reach her work place. She was engaged in a long and involved phone conversation on her mobile phone, as she hung on for support to the rod attached to the train’s footboard

The mishap occurred at 9.45 am, as the train was crossing Borivli. Suddenly losing her balance, she toppled and fell off the train.

As soon as she fell, she was run over by a train that was moving in the adjacent track, headed towards Virar. “It was her bad luck that another train was going in the opposite direction, and crushed her,” said P M Karyakarte, SPI, Borivli GRP. Text/Vedika Chaubey, Illustrations/Amit Bandre

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