Mobile software to teach manners, driving skills to auto, cab drivers

Aug 16, 2013, 01:42 IST | Shashank Rao

Following countless commuter gripes, transport dept joins hands with a chauffeurs' agency to groom unruly taxi and auto rickshaw drivers via a programme they can access anytime on their phones

To turn rude cabbies and auto drivers with frightening skills behind the wheel into courteous and skilful service providers, the state transport department along with a training agency has launched a mobile software drivers can access via their cellphones.

The transport department in collaboration with the Institute of Chauffeur Services (ICS) inaugurated the programme to groom drivers and improve their traffic sense on August 14.

showing the way: The transport department in collaboration with the Institute of Chauffeur Services inaugurated a programme on August 14 to groom auto rickshaw and taxi drivers in etiquette, style, manners and improve their traffic sense through their mobile phones. representation pic

“The city needs good drivers who can drive safely and skillfully and have civil etiquette. There is a huge gap in chauffeur-like drivers and what you get with black-and-yellow taxis and auto rickshaws and even fleet cabs and tour operators,” said transport commissioner VN More.

“Rash driving, rude conduct and rickety vehicles are some of the common complaints we receive against drivers of cabs, autos and even radio cabs,” said an RTO official.

And authorities want to provide locals and outsiders better services. If we can instill in them the civic sense not to overtake, jump traffic lights, speed or be rude, then the programme would have served the purpose, officials said.

ICS founder and CEO Amin Merchant said, “We have tied up with all the telecom operators. Often there are complaints about rude and unfriendly behaviour of drivers and we hope that this programme helps in tackling these issues.”

The grooming regime
The software will focus on:
Appearance, personal hygiene, good behaviour, punctuality, lucid communication, anger management issues, vehicle maintenance, traffic rules, road safety, and professional customer service.

How the cell-based programme works
>> Taxi or auto drivers first need to register with ICS at a
cost of Rs 850
>> They need to give their driving licence number and name
>> After registering, they can dial 0120 466 3600, and listen to training programmes and instructions on self-development over their phones, whenever they have the time
>> The guidelines are in Hindi, but Marathi would be introduced soon  

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