Mocambo journeys to Pune

Aug 03, 2012, 11:11 IST | Ashishwang Godha

South Mumbai's famous Parsi eatery is now serving their classics in Pune. While some of their dishes made us nostalgic others could have been better

South Mumbai’s favourite Mocambo has made its entry in the city. While they are renowned for their Pork Chops, Cheesy Fries, Bacon Soup and their classic chocolate pastries, their Pune menu includes several but not all of their classic dishes.

The Mocambo outlet in Mumbai is a two-tiered air-conditioned, zebra-stripped classic occupying prime real estate. Here, it’s an outdoor café with wooden tables and chairs and in the realty zone of Wanowrie. Thankfully, the menu though more concise, remains as heartily non-vegetarian (of course, there are enough veggie options as well here), minus the pork.

Carpet Bag Steak 

We began with The Beef Eater (`110) — the patty was quite alright and the gherkins added a nice punch. Perhaps, a warmer, toasted bun would have really helped. We have a nostalgia taste for thick, home-cut, salted Parsi fries — only they give you just five to go along!

Next, we opted for a Roast Lamb Chilli Wrap (`110). The sliced lamb chilli was perfectly done but the tortilla had gone stale. With the scent of moth balls, it smelled and tasted like it had been sitting in a box forever.

Roast Lamb Chilli

Luckily, our mains fared much better. For the Al Pesto Con Fungi (`235) we chose a penne and it arrived in a generous bowl. Our server introduced it as the “seafood pasta” and had us bewildered. As we served ourselves, we figured that this one was definitely our mushroom pesto penne dotted with cherry tomatoes. A fresher, lesser oxidised penne would have elevated the otherwise average dish.

Dark Velvet Mousse

He cleared our table and we chatted on, waiting for our Seafood Linguini (`285) — the one mistakenly introduced above. Time passed and nothing arrived. We bothered the busy guy again. Confused, he ran back. A senior arrived telling us that they were out of clams for this pasta but, could they please replace it with basa. We obliged. Soon, a doggy bag arrived.

We told him that we wanted it served and it promptly came in a bowl. It was worth the wait and the confusion; the linguini was perfectly al dente, freshly tossed in olive oil and herbs and the prawns and fish chunks made it wholesome and flavourful. Worth coming back for.


For the sweetness factor, Mocambo Cafe retains their previous owner (and now partner’s) dessert and bakery counter. They bring along their signature desserts as well. We’ve always appreciated Shockolaah’s offerings and this time was no different. The Dark Chocolate Mousse (`65), served in a lovely little cup, was smooth, creamy and delicious. Our Kahlua Torte (`65), was equally good. The fact that it was soft and moist and that we could actually taste the Kahlua, made a greatfinale.

Mocambo plans to start outdoor barbeques and once their initial food and service issues get ironed out, we are quite sure they will rock the area. Wanowrie finally has a winner.

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