Model detained for abusing cops

Oct 07, 2013, 17:02 IST | Shiva Devnath

Model-actress Anjum Nayar was detained for playing loud music late last night and later misbehaving with the police

Anjum Nayar allegedly hurled verbal insults at cops who come knocking at her door for allegedly playing loud music late at night.

Anjum, who is also a small time actress, was detained by the Oshiwara police last night at around 2 am for misbehaving and abusing two beat marshals.

Model Anjum Nayar. File pic

Anjum, who resides on the 20th floor of the Samartha Angan building in Andheri, was playing music at a high volume late on Sunday night, which irked the building residence, and they called the cops.

However, the model started abusing the cops who came knocking on her door, using profanity repeatedly, which forced the police to detain her.

The other side
Anjum told MiD DAY that she was with few friends in her apartment enjoying some wine and soft music, when the cops knocked at her door. She claimed that the music played was so soft that it could not be heard even in the other room. Despite this, the officers misbehaved with her and also slapped her that forced her to retaliate, she said.

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