Mohit's a different rockstar

May 31, 2012, 06:35 IST | Shakti Shetty

Some singers don't have to sing to prove the sweetness in their voice. Mohit Chauhan falls under this exclusive category.

While talking to CS, the National Award-winning crooner shares his thoughts on the current music scenario, his upcoming projects and the desire to keep singing:

Struggle for success
When you’re working towards your goal, you don’t have an idea what’s going to happen but you keep trying. Since I’ve always been passionate about music, my struggling days never felt like a big deal. Of course, breaking into Bollywood took time but I was enjoying every bit of the ride meanwhile.

Enriching myself
It’s a privilege to have worked with AR Rahman and I wish that we continue doing so. You end up learning so much in his presence. I have also collaborated with many other music directors. And every experience has been enriching. Everyone brings in something new to the recording studio with every new composition. This inspires me a lot and so, just because I’m playback singing, doesn’t mean I’ll totally stop composing music and penning lyrics.

Growing up with music
Since I grew up in the northern hills, the folk music of that region influenced me a lot. Along with the Pahari songs, I was aquainting myself with filmi numbers and ghazals as well, which eventually left a mark on me.

Political chakkar
Whether an artist wants to take a political stand or not, depends on the individual. Personally speaking, I’d rather sing a song to make a point rather than getting on board with a political party.

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