Monkey with the cheap booze

Apr 05, 2013, 00:47 IST | Tanveer Bookwala

The Guide heads out to check out the recently-opened Drunken Munkey to see if it meets the tight competition in the crowded suburb of Andheri

Drunken Munkey comes off as another addition to the slew of pubs or lounges in the Andheri area where WTF!, Little Door and Amigos are already fighting the spirited fight. The seedy-looking Veera Desai Road might not exactly see party revelers lining up, we say. Also, the dull lighting outside, with a street view (that allows rats to traipse in — yes this happened when we were there) can probably hamper the mood.

The signature Drunkun Monkey cocktail is a fruity mix served with a selection of five different clear spirits. Pics/ Satyajit Desai

Divided into two individual sections — the casual café with a few tables and chairs on the outside, and a neon-lit Oriental lounge, on the inside, was perplexing and very loud. This only put us off as the music overpowered the conversation. Glancing around, our eye was caught by a neon-lit, retro-style, hallucinogenic monkey adjoining the bar.

For obvious reasons we seated ourselves outside. Noting that regular happy hours are on until 11.59 pm Thursday and ending at 8.59 pm on weekends, we sensed good news for budget drinkers. We began with the signature Drunkun Monkey (`399), a fruity mix served with a selection of five different clear spirits (Vodka, Gin, Cointreau, Tequila, White Rum & dark rum) and plenty of crushed ice arrived.

The unique flavours were evident with each sip and this heady concoction, like a Long Island Tea was potent and pleasing. Sip slowly though, for good measure. The Tropical Mist (`129) was a traditional cool mocktail with ginger, lime and khus. Delicious and perfectly refreshing! This was tropical paradise in a glass and the striking taste of khus and the fresh ginger really stood out. For the appetiser, we tried Crispy Chilli Potato (`179), which were basically straw potatoes fries wok-tossed in aromatic seasoning.

The interiors of Drunken Munkey

These ‘salli’-like chips were a perfect accompaniment to say, beer. The only grouse that we had, was that it was a tad too oily. While some chips were savoury to the last bite and perfectly crisp, others felt wilted and lacked punch.  The Prawns Tempura with Wasabi Mayo Sauce (`299) appeared with seven Beer-battered prawns that were perfectly fried into crunchy bites and served with Wasabi Mayonnaise. The prawns were tasty to the last bite but the oil was a bit of a letdown.

For the mains, we ordered Malaysian Curry with Parotta (`309). The palatable coconut-infused chicken cooked in traditional delicate spices was served with Parotta better known as Malabari Paratha. The chicken was delicious, fresh, and quality was top-notch. It was a mild and aromatic curry suitable for all. Drunken Munkey doesn’t pinch your pocket but comes at the cost of a not-so-good location.

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