Monsoon tips for skin and hair

Jul 23, 2012, 11:42 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

While we love the dark clouds and the showers of this monsoon season, it's important to indulge in some skin and hair care to avoid the problems that accompany the rains

Monsoon troubles like extreme humidity, frizzy hair and skin issues are part and parcel of rains. But ladies don’t fret. There are ways that can help you deal with these problems if you take proper care of your skin and hair. The skin tends to undergo changes during the rainy season. It often oscillates between being very oily to completely dry. Therefore, diverting attention towards skin is essential during this season.

City-based dermatologist Dr Sudhakar Grandhi explains, “This season, extra attention should be paid to your skin as it tends to become hydrant and acne-prone. Use face wash as frequently as you can and most importantly do not stop using sunscreen if your skin is sensitive. SPF of the sunscreen should be 20 and above. Also to avoid dandruff, shampoo your hair at least twice or thrice a week. Use non-greasy and non-oily make-up products.”

While people suffering from dry skin during rains can make matters work with a daily use of cleanser to clean the face and then applying the rosewater. For girls with oily skin, exfoliation is necessary. One can go for home remedies for the same, which are quick and effective. One of the remedies include using papaya. Rub it on your face along with oatmeal or wheat flour. This is the best way to exfoliate for your skin.

“As the skin gets oily during monsoon, it is highly recommended to use face washes and gels (or gel-based products) very often. Sensing this need, Aroma has come up with a new range of face wash and night-care products with lavender, tea-tree and aloe vera, which are beneficial for the skin. Especially, when your skin gets excessively oily, tea-tree oil is highly recommended,” says Nirman Minwala, Founder and CEO of Aroma Treasures.

Skin and hair experts also stress on the importance of water. Body should always be hydrated, hence drinking water throughout the day is integral. Besides, proper moisturising of the skin should be done for every skin type. AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) based moisturisers are good for normal and dry skin types but should not be used for sensitive skin.  Another mantra to have healthy skin and hair is to avoid junk food since it affects health and thus the skin. 

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