Monsoon to arrive in Maharashtra in one week's time: IMD

Jun 08, 2016, 21:51 IST | Chaitraly Deshmukh

'Monsoon 2016', the season Indians combating the oppressive heat are eagerly awaiting, finally arrived in Kerala and will be reaching Maharashtra in a week's time, Indian Meteorological Department has said

It is more eagerly awaited than any film release. 'Monsoon 2016', the season that Indians combating the oppressive heat are most looking forward to right now, finally arrived in Kerala on Wednesday and will be reaching Maharashtra in a week's time, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has said.

This year, the monsoon reached Kerala eight days later than usual. The rain usually reached the state by June 1. This is based on observation of the pattern in the past couple of years.

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Monsoon clouds hover over the Arabian Sea in Kochi. Pic/PTI
Monsoon clouds hover over the Arabian Sea in Kochi. Pic/PTI

As per the IMD reports, the downpour will continue for 48 hours in Kerala and 14 different areas.  More than 2.5 mm rainfall has been registered in the region till now.

Westernly winds of the order of 30-40 km per hours have been observed.

At present, the downpour experienced in some parts of Maharashtra is pre-monsoon rainfall.

Sunita Devi, director IMD Pune, said, "It was observed that there were clouds from Wednesday morning in Kerala and excess rains was expected. Accordingly the rain is excess in Kerala. It is predicted that monsoon will become active in the next 24 hours. If the west-south westerly winds maintains its direction and speed then monsoon is expected to reach Maharashtra in six day. As per the observation, from Kerala the rains will travel towards Konkan area, south Maharashtra and then to Marathwada. Later, from there the rains will move to Pune and then Mumbai."

At present the monsoon has covered south Arabian sea and Maldives and most part of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and some parts of south Karanataka. In two days, the monsoon will strike Karanataka's coastal area, southern part of Andhra Pradesh and some areas of Arabian sea.

These are the dates monsoon has arrived in Kerala in the last few years

2011 May 29

2012 June 5

2013 June 1

2014 June 6

2015 June 5

2016 June 8

2011 May 29

2012 June 5

2013 June 1

2014 June 6

2015 June 5

2016 June 8

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