8 months after repair, potholes are back

Jul 13, 2012, 06:59 IST | Ranjeeet Jadhav

The stretch leading to the 15-month-old flyover had been repaired last November after MiD DAY's report, but two gaping craters seem to have reappeared with the onset of the rains

It seems that time, effort and wherewithal spent on resurfacing the road leading towards the 15-month-old King’s Circle flyover has been a complete and utter waste.

Utter waste: The seasonal rains have hammered two large potholes into the base of the 1.5 km-long King’s Circle-Tulpule Chow flyover that was inaugurated in May last year. Pic/Suresh KK

Barely eight months since the road was repaired, the seasonal rains have hammered two large potholes into the base of the flyover already.
The 1.5 km-long King’s Circle-Tulpule Chowk flyover was thrown open to traffic in May last year.

Months after its inauguration, it was observed that the southbound road on the small bridge leading towards the flyover was in shambles, slowing down commuters.

MiD DAY reported last November that the newly opened road had started showing cracks and craters already (‘Brand new road leading to flyover in shambles,’ November 16).

It was also observed that reflectors installed on the flyover were in utter disrepair. The MMRDA had then said that it was the duty of the contractor to repair the road, as it was still in the defect-liability period.

It had then ordered the contractor to fix the dilapidated stretch, and the road was repaired.

However, with the first few showers, this year, the stretch developed two gaping potholes, putting cars and two-wheelers at the risk of skidding.

The arm of the flyover between Ruia College junction and Aurora Talkies reduces the commute to south or north Mumbai by 20 minutes for about one-lakh commuters every day, radically reducing congestion. It also decreases fuel consumption considerably.

Speaking to MiD DAY, MMRDA Joint Project Director Dilip Kawathkar said, “The surface of the flyover is completely fine, and if at all it is rough at some spots, then we would direct the contractor to repair it. It is the job of the contractor to repair it, as the bridge is still in the defect-liability period.” 

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