Mooch ado about the moustache

Jun 28, 2012, 11:33 IST | Dhara Vora

'Be a man, grow a moustache', seem to say grooming experts about the season's coolest look for men (Thank us now, thank Anil Kapoor later)

Before the era of the metrosexual, to be ‘manly’ meant having lots of chest hair (think Anil Kapoor) and sporting a moustache. Through the ’90s and early 2000s, however, it was not unusual for men to wax their chests (think Salman Khan) and pluck their brows.

Ajay Devgn sports the mini horseshoe-style moustache with handlebars at the ends Pic/ Mahesh Chafe

But the return of Bollywood’s Angry Young Man, also meant the return of the macho Mooch with actors Ajay Devgn (in Singham), Akshay Kumar (in Rowdy Rathore) and Abhay Deol (in Shanghai), all sporting facial hair. Even Salman Khan sported a fake one in Dabangg. “Men need to grow facial hair for at least two weeks to be able to shape it,” says Leo James, a senior stylist with Hakim’s Aalim salon. 

If you have a heart or a round face like Abhay Deol, the pyramidal moustache is an option

Keep scissors handy
To style your look, you need a small pair of hairdressing scissors. “The line of the upper lip should be the template for cutting or trimming your moustache,” advises Leo. Other grooming essentials include: small comb, adjustable trimmer and regular styling wax. “Styling wax is the best quick-fix, as it helps lend whatever shape you like, even a cool handlebar,” says Leo. If you want to reduce the body or volume of the moustache, he suggests trimming from the top.

If you have a long  face like Akshay Kumar, experts suggest carrying off a handlebar moustache, as the actor did in the film Rowdy Rathore.  Pic/ Santosh Nagwekar

Grooming tips
The stylist suggests sporting light stubble for those with round faces, which creates the illusion of length. For square-ish or long faces Leo suggests a handlebar moustache, while the sword-style moustache works best with a heart-shaped face.

 Football star David Beckham sports a version of the chevron moustache to a sports event,  last month.Pic/ AFP

For college goers, who don’t want to look ‘too grown-up’, the stylist suggests keeping a little hair on the chin (‘goatee’) to go with the moustache. Regular trims and shampoos are a must to maintain hygiene, and to avoid an unkempt appearance. 

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