More drunk drivers on roads this New Year's Eve than last

Jan 02, 2013, 06:45 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Traffic police officials fine 840 motorists Rs 2,000 each for drink-driving on December 31, up from 739 people who were booked on the same day in 2011

For a number of Mumbaikars, year-end revelries ended this year, as every year, with puffing up a breathalyser. On New Year’s Eve, around 840 people were caught driving drunk by the Mumbai traffic police. The year before, in 2011, the police had booked around 739 people.

Traffic police, drunk drivers
Starting young: Most drunk drivers caught this year are between the ages of 20 and 30. pic/Sayed Sameer Abedi

“Around 277 people were booked from the eastern suburbs, 181 from the western suburbs, 118 from the central, 168 from the northern and 96 from the southern suburbs,” said a police officer from the Mumbai police traffic division.

The police said those booked have been fined Rs 2,000, and they may face action like suspension of licence for six months or jail for six months. The traffic department had been conducting an anti-drink driving campaign since December 20.

In the entire year, a total of 14,220 people, mostly youth between 20 and 30 years of age, were booked for drink driving (see box). “Around 4,088 licences have been suspended this year, and 5,111 people sent to jail,” the officer said.

Bikers were booked the most for driving under the influence of alcohol, followed by car drivers, with auto drivers trailing them at a distant third. “Of the 14,220 booked for drink driving this year, 9,527 are bikers, 3,797 are car owners, 344 are auto drivers, 283 are tempo drivers, 175 are truck drivers, 38 are bus drivers and 56 are dumper drivers,” said an officer from the Traffic division.

The traffic police said that they would extend the drink driving campaign till January 15th. “We are still checking the CCTV and video cameras that we had to see the people who fled during the time of drunk driving campaign we will nail them and fine them,” said Brijesh Singh, additional commissioner of police, Traffic division.

Age break-up for 2012
Age              No of people booked

>> 18-20    164
>> 21-25    3,193
>> 26-30    3,747
>> 31-35    2,919
>> 36-40    1,951
>> 46-50    621
>> 51-58    450

No of people booked for drink driving
Year     Cases

2012    14,220
2011    16,324
2010    16,290  

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