Moscow shootout: Armed teenager neutralised, school students freed

Feb 03, 2014, 15:18 IST | Agencies

A gunman who entered a Moscow school and took more than 20 students hostage has been neutralised, Russian police officials said

All the students from Moscow secondary school number 263 in northeast Moscow that an armed teenager took hostage Monday have been freed, while a policeman and a teacher were killed in a shootout, the Russian interior ministry told a news agency.

“A criminal, who had been keeping hostage children from Moscow school number 263, is neutralised. He is a senior student of this school,” the ministry said.

An armed man had entered the school and took more than 20 teenagers hostage, Russian police officials said.

The man was the father of one of the children of Moscow school number 263, an interior ministry spokesman told the  news agency.

Initial reports said the man opened fire on police officers who rushed to the scene, injuring one.

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