Most couples actually end up arguing on holiday

May 25, 2012, 11:41 IST | ANI

Going on a holiday is supposed to be a chance to escape routine and relax with your partners, but unfortunately it also seems to provide couples with the perfect opportunity to argue

And most of the bickering starts before the trip has even begun, a survey has revealed.

More than half of couples fail to agree on a destination, while 37 per cent fall out over the frustration of the booking process.

Two-thirds of couples end up arguing once on holiday, with one in four having rows by the third day of their break, according to the poll of 2,000 adults by online travel agents.

The most likely factors to cause arguments are money and how much time to spend together.

Women most often blame alcohol for causing rows on holiday, while men get most annoyed if their partner eyes up others on the beach.

“The truth is we’re working harder than ever before and taking fewer holidays. So, by the time we actually go away, we’re exhausted and often irritable – the perfect recipe for arguments,” a major newspaper quoted celebrity relationship psychologist Jo Hemmings as saying

However, it seems the disagreements may be worth it, as 56 per cent of couples said they had returned from holiday feeling their relationship was stronger.

The poll also showed 74 per cent believe beach holidays are best for a romantic break. 

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