Most heroine action roles just require them to look sexy: Michelle Rodriguez

Sep 24, 2012, 09:06 IST | Janhavi Samant

The Hollywood actress on her definition of being fighting tough

Michelle Rodriguez believes there is more to being tough than just having the knowledge of fighting. The Lost actress, who has shone in action roles in films like The Fast and The Furious and Resident Evil in the past and will now make a reappearance in Resident Evil: Retribution, says that co-star action diva Milla Jovovich has managed to bridge that gap between sexy and tough.

Michelle Rodriguez

“She’s great, a mean girl fighter. But she’s also a real strong person. On a personal front, she was always telling me how to look, what to eat, almost like an elder sister. That’s so sweet,” she laughs. The actress isn’t too impressed by some of the girl-oriented roles coming her way though. “There are certain things that just put me off. Most heroine action roles just require them to look sexy. For instance, say even in serious films like Million Dollar Baby or The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo in the West version, the lead characters are so apologetic.

They are not really tough. The battle should be political not only physical. That kind of things really puts me off and so I stay away from such films. I am trying to edge my way into something different,” she says. However television isn’t her cup of tea, even after her stint with Lost. “I don’t really like television. They see you two years in one role and the audience doesn’t want to see you doing anything else,” she signs off.   

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