"Most of my works have come out of Pune"

Oct 07, 2013, 05:40 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

How do you perceive your journey from an actor to editor, writer and director? What do you enjoy the most among these fields

1. How do you perceive your journey from an actor to editor, writer and director? What do you enjoy the most among these fields?
I have been involved in all of these fields at some point or the other. It has been an educational process for me; the way a person starts his education from kindergarten and culminates it at the graduation level. I started off as an actor and now I’m directing films. I learned the basics of filmmaking during my acting stint. Editing made my technical concepts clear while writing taught me the kind of creativity I can apply to the medium, with my thoughts.

Satish Rajwade
Satish Rajwade

I have surprised myself with my writings, even if it has not been formulated on screen many times. It has made me explore a different side of me altogether. As a director, I am still trying to develop myself and trying to cull out the best in me with more challenging work while handling diverse topics. I find making films more challenging than working on television as you have to fit your thoughts within two to three hours in a movie whereas in television, you have the scope to learn from your mistakes and correct it in the next episode. Still, there is a huge difference in both the mediums.

2. Do you feel that frequent interaction between a filmmaker and his audience is necessary? How do you achieve it?
I like to connect with my audience. Not only do I connect to them through my work but I also make it a point to keep contact through social networking sites. I am also easily accessible on the phone to my fans and audience. I find their views and feedback very important to work harder and better. A plus point that I have is that when I am not very active as a director, people recognise me for my acting from my earlier films. This helps me form a strong connection with them, as they are sensitive about what I do or make.

3. Pune has evolved as a filmmaker’s destination. Tell us about your association with the city.
I love Pune. It’s a very comfortable place to live in, especially for a creative person. It’s very work-friendly and people here are interested in working in creative fields. The city is still on the higher side of its cultural inclinations making it helpful for the industry and people to work here. Though I’m a pakka Mumbaikar, I can say that most of my works have come out of Pune. 

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