Most Singaporean teens don't know how to use condoms

Jul 02, 2012, 06:02 IST | ANI

Around 75 percent of teenagers in Singapore do not know how to use a condom, a new study has revealed

The survey, carried out by the National University of Singapore involving 900 sexually active teens in the republic, found that more than three-quarter of the teens who took part in the exercise did not know how to use the form of protection, according to news reports.

Sex and relationships, Most Singaporean teens don't know how to use condoms

Last year, there were 1,737 pregnancies involving girls under the age of 20 in the republic.

According to the publication, while there was a reduction from the number of cases in 2007, which saw 2,183 girls getting pregnant before the age of 20, the situation remained worrying, a major news outlet reported.

The Singaporean Education Department had introduced sex education module that includes methods of contraception.

However, the department has stressed that “saying no to pre-marital sex” was still the main message that it wanted to send out.

The department was also trying to strengthen the social media element in its sex education module to help students’ master skills that they needed to better protect themselves online.

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