Mother hurt while shielding baby from wall collapse

Apr 24, 2012, 06:45 IST | Nivedita Dargalkar

A mother saved her six-month-old son from crushing to death after she acted as a protective shield against a 20-ft compound wall of a neighbouring nine-storey building named Mangal Krupa that collapsed onto their house at Ram Nagar in Kurar village around 5 pm yesterday.

Brave mom: Saroj Yadav (right) held her toddler Sandeep (left) tightly in her arms to shield him

Saroj Yadav (25) was seated outside her house with her toddler son Sandeep, four-year-old son Suhansh, and their 10-year-old neighbour Ankush Yadav, when the compound wall and accompanying iron barricades came crashing down. “Saroj hid the baby tightly in her arms and did not let go in spite of the pressure. If it would not have been for my daughter-in-law’s quick thinking, the baby would have been crushed to death under the debris,” said Phooldevi Yadav.

The 20 ft compound wall of a nine-storey building Mangal Krupa collapsed onto their house at Ram Nagar in Kurar village yesterday. Pic/Mahesh Chafe

Show of courage
Saroj has fractured her hands and Suhansh his legs. Both are currently admitted at Bhagwati hospital in Borivli. Ankush who received 10 stitches to his head, is currently recuperating at a private hospital. A 70-year-old man also escaped death and sustained only minor injuries in the incident. Bachnoo Yadav said, “There was a big noise and then the wall came down. I quickly rushed to safety or else I would have been crushed.” The residents allege that the compound wall was built a week back and is an illegal construction.

Act of negligence
Senior inspector Subhash Daphale of Kurar police station said, “We suspect the wall collapsed after excessive pressure from the construction raw materials and mud dumped against it. The contractors, developers and builders have fled the spot fearing backlash from residents of the area. We will be investigating the matter and shall nab the accused responsible for this negligence. Whether the wall was legal or not should be investigated by BMC.”

Cops have currently registered an offence under sections 337 and 338 of IPC. Bhomsingh Rathod, corporator, P-north ward said, “The building and the compound wall are an illegal construction. How could BMC give permission for a building with no proper approach road or gutter? I have sent a point of order to the corporation regarding this. However, a reply is pending for the last six months.”

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