Motorists banned from using 'private' Bhakti Park road

Jul 25, 2013, 22:21 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

Motorists traveling from Wadala towards Eastern Freeway via the Bhakti Park road prohibited from using it after being reportedly told it's private.

Motorists traveling from Wadala towards Eastern Freeway via the Bhakti Park road on Thursday were allegedly stopped by the some employees of the Anik Development Corporation (ADC). 

The reason given by the employees for this bizarre act was that the road going towards the freeway was a private one and so motorists couldn’t use it.

When MiD DAY visited the Bhakti Park area in Wadala on Thursday evening, there were barricades at the Bhakti Park. Motorists trying to use the road were informed that they would have to take a detour since it was a private road.

There were also small cutouts and stickers pasted on walls and pillars which read “PRIVATE PROPERTY. TRESSPASSERS WILL BE PROCECUTED. NO ENTRY TO EXPRESS FREE WAY- By Order Anik Development Corporation.”

When MiD DAY went to the Anik Development Corporation office at Bhakti Park, the officials said, “In the past there has been an increase in number of anti-social elements visiting the area 24/7. We have already reported the matter to the local police station. We are not stopping anyone from using the road that passes from Bhakti Park towards the freeway at all. We are just keeping a tab on the vehicles using the road.”

It should be noted that many motorists coming from Thane and Wadala side take the eastern freeway from one of the entry of the freeway at Wadala. In order to reach freeway from Wadala, many of the motorist take the freeway via the private road that passes from Bhakti Park.

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