Move your body to beat the flab

Mar 28, 2013, 23:25 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The Guide suggests you dance your way to fitness. Whether it's Zumba, Bollywood or belly dancing, there's something for everyone

Summer is here and it’s one of the best times to get going andget fit. While morning jogs and exercise routines are a good way to get in shape, how about achieving weight loss while pursuing your interest? After all, the city now offers some of the best packages for creative fitness enthusiasts. Many dance academies as well as gyms are coming up with special courses for those inclined towards dancing.

Essa Duhaime, a belly dancer from Germany who has foundedDiva Bellydance Academy in the city, has introduced a few courses like Bellyfit for people who want to lose weight by dancing.


“Dancing for losing extra kilos is the best approach for people who really want to indulge in a fun activity. Shedding weight by learning a new form of dance boosts your lifestyle. But you can achieve optimum results only if you are doing it with the intention of learning a new form.

Eventually all dance forms are helpful for weight loss. Belly dancing gives you the best of results as it makes you lose from the problem areas like waist, thighs and tummy. But people often get confused when they do not sweat while doing it. Weight loss is not about how much you sweat, its about how much you move your muscles and this can be easily achieved from dancing.”

Belly dancing 

If you need further proof, here it is: singer-actor Beyonce admitted that she lost all her post-pregnancy weight — a whopping 25 kilos — by dancing over three months. Here are some dance forms that will help you lose the excess kilos:

Belly-dancing: Making you move every muscle from your waistline, thighs, torso and tummy, it has been seen as the best dance form for those seeking considerable weight loss. It also improves your stamina and your fitness levels.

Dance helps you shed extra kilos

Zumba: This is another dance form in which you do not need a partner to practice and gives you the best results. This Latin form of dancing also includes Salsa and is considered as a quick and lively workout.

Bollywood: We have done it during baarats, sangeets and evenwithout any reason along with a gang of friends. Now it’s time to make it a routine in your weight-loss programme.

You don’t even need to attend classes to learn any particular choreography. Put on your dance shoes and get started in your bedroom.

While opting for these dance routines, make sure that you keep on dancing for at least 20-30 minutes as that span of muscle movement is necessary for quick weight-loss. 

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