Movie review: Chakradhaar

Jun 16, 2012, 07:02 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Yet another film which has the producer's son as the hero. So it's pretty obvious that it has been made to showcase his talent � or rather the lack of it

The hackneyed story does not really matter as long as he gets to mouth some bombastic lines, do some high jumps in the air, beat the goons to pulp, show off his biceps and serenade his lady love.

Abhishek essays the do-gooder student Shravan who spends more time taking on the local goons than in the classroom. There is a price to pay for being Mr Righteousness. The baddies strike and burn his mouth so that he can keep shut forever.

Despite his mouth being so badly scalded that he has to be rushed to the ICU, his ladylove visits the hospital with apples and bananas to cheer him up. How on earth can he bite into apples? Just like his bullet-riddled body which rises and even runs to strangulate the last goon standing!

Wonders never cease in this film as Shravan metamorphoses into Pandit. He keeps on saying “Pandit hoon mein... dakshina bhi deta hoon aur shraap bhi deta hoon” as he embarks on his mission of eliminating the baddies.

Urvashi, who could make no headway after her disastrous debut Naqaab, messes it up even more. When she is not being coy, she’s just a mute spectator to the gory happenings around.

Filmed in Benares, the makers may have had the hinterland in mind as their audience. There is also an item number thrown in. But if only the Pandit had taken a good look at himself before embarking on saving other people’s lives. He needed help first. And the only way the audience can do it is by steering clear of this nonsense. 

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