Movie Review: 'Commando'

Apr 13, 2013, 05:43 IST | Janhavi Samant

Disclaimer: This film requires complete suspension of disbelief. Why? Because:

After all, not only does the villain of this film AK 74 (Jaideep Ahlawat) lack in morals, scruples or even basic human decency, he also has no pupils in his eyes! With only those blank egg-whites of eyes, the man is able to see everything crystal clear.


He also has unlimited reserves of henchmen, policemen, forest officers, guns, jeeps, and even politicians who are willing to offer heartfelt support in his search for his runaway fiancée-by-force. 

The hero (Vidyut Jamwal), on the other hand, is an army commando, with shiny sculpted muscles trained to do supernatural (although one is sure completely useless) physical activities like run 20 kms while carrying 65 kgs of weight, shoot with 22 types of guns, instantly slay dozens and dozens of henchmen without a single weapon, bear excruciating pain in extra-sensitive body parts during torture, locate insect repellant herbs and build cages with sticks and vines at a moment’s notice in dense forests.

Heroine (Pooja Chopra) is most unruffled by village-politician-cum-stalker continuously obsessing over marriage to her and willing to kill anyone, even her own parents, who gets in the way. She calls Egg-white AK 74 a horror film in 3D, gamely wears shorts in smalltown Punjab, tries to run away from home to avoid marriage to him and tags along with a complete stranger into the jungles of Punjab with a small magical sling bag, which can hold a pair of flat shoes, a pair of full jeans and a shirt. Too much na?

If the above suspending of logic ain’t too much of a problem, debutant director Dilip Ghosh’s Commando is a great watch. It is an out-and-out potboiler, fiercely concentrating on its antagonist-protagonist duel and letting very little come in its line of conflict.

As the villain, Jaideep’s so bad that he is too good and Vidyut is too hot. Action-packed, emotion laced and fast-paced enough to gloss over most of its plot discrepancies, this is the kind of film that made Akshay Kumar (the Khiladi series, Zakhmi Dil, Ashant) and Ajay Devgn (Phool Aur Kante, Jigar, Sangram, Vijaypath) such popular action stars in the early days of their career. Well, looks like Ghosh’s and Commando Kumar’s muscle-flexing efforts will bear the same results. Best appreciated from the front benches.  

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