Movie review: 'Dhoom 3'

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Forget the now-believable now-unbelievable story line, watch this film for the thrill of it. Even if you are not an action film fan, your adrenalin will keep pumping steadily in this 175 minutes

'Dhoom 3'
U/A; Action
Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya
Cast: Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, Uday Chopra

Jackie Shroff plays an accomplished magician in deep red financially and he has to impress the bankers to keep them from mortgaging his circus company. He fails and his son Sahir Khan (Aamir Khan) vows to destroy the bank that broke his father’s heart. A riveting can’t-take-our-eyes-off-the-screen kind of beginning, dealt pretty skillfully and grandiosely by the director, Vijay Krishna Acharya. But unfortunately this very back story is what works against the film.

'Dhoom 3'
Katrina and Aamir in 'Dhoom 3'

Apart from other factors, what made the first two Dhoom episodes edgy is because the bad men there didn’t have an excuse to be bad. John Abraham (Dhoom 1) and Hrithik Roshan (Dhoom 2) were grey characters, who looked at robbing as profession, were fantastic at their job and loved living dangerously just for the heck of it. They didn’t let emotions come in the way of a perfect heist. But in this installment, the story gets a Bollywood-esque twist and we fall back on the comfortable trap of justifying a badman’s character, perhaps because a superstar is playing it.

So keeping the great Indian circus as the façade, Sahir sets about destroying the Chicago bank in erm… Chicago. A place which we know has a dense Indian population and that’s why perhaps a robber leaving a message in Hindi after each robbery, should be digested with an indulgent smile. Sahir zooms about in his bike which gets him away from every sticky situation, as it transforms into whatever he wants at a moment’s click. Sahir, on whom good old gravity seems to have no effect, manages to get the scene more and more thrilling every time he escapes from the police and routinely manages to get their cars chasing him to topple over each other.

Aamir Khan, the mega star that he is, gets maximum screen space in the film. It is evident that the actor has gone the whole hog to prepare for this role. His chiseled body, his switching from one character to another, his newly acquired art of tap dancing, all added up to perhaps justify the kind of mileage that he gets here. But unfortunately, he seems to have gotten too involved in the role to realise that there is a thin line between being intense and it looking like he wants to look intense. Pity, one because there is a thin line between perfect performance and hamming and two, because it comes from the otherwise immensely respected actor.

Abhsihek Bachchan (Jay Dixit) and Uday Chopra (Ali) look like they just sauntered into the Dhoom 3 from the Dhoom 2 sets. The expressions are the same, the jokes are the same and yes, the roles are the same. Of two people flummoxed by the brilliance of a con man they are struggling to beat. Aamir Khan’s swanky bike has a bigger role to play than Katrina Kaif. But of course, Kat looks far more stunning than the bike. Since she has so evidently put in lot of efforts to fit into her role of the mad Alia, the role could have been extended a bit.

Now for the biggest positive point of the film: Forget the now-believable now-unbelievable story line, watch this film for the thrill of it. Even if you are not an action film fan, your adrenalin will keep pumping steadily in this 175 minutes. It is not only the stunt men who will keep you sitting upright in action sequences but a bunch of skillful trapeze artists add to the thriller quotient.

First Published: 20 December, 2013 17:00 IST

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