Movie review: 'Fury'

Oct 31, 2014, 15:48 IST | Mihir Fadnavis

David Ayer's Brad Pitt starrer 'Fury' commands a ton of reasons to watch it at your nearest theater. I am listing the 10 best reasons:

A; Action/Drama;
Director: David Ayer
Cast: Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf, Jason Isaacs, Michael Pena

'Fury' movie review
'Fury'. Pic/Santa Banta

David Ayer's new film commands a ton of reasons to watch it at your nearest theater. I am listing the 10 best reasons:

1) This is not your standard issue war movie — the clichés depicted in war films are given the boot. The treatment is fresh and innovative.

2) At its basic level this is an action movie, and a very well made one at that. It's entertaining and thrilling from start to end. It's a film shown from the POV of a tank, and it's engrossing as hell.

3) Although it is an entertaining watch, it doesn't fall into the claptrap of dumbness. The film is actually quite smart, both on narrative and visual levels. You'll actually be quite surprised by how well drawn the story is.

4) The characters in the movie have faces, unlike the faceless ninepins we see in most war movies. They're all well written, and we end up caring about the characters and rooting for them to survive the war.

5) There is a layer of unexpected existential angst peppered on the story. A character in the film faces the dilemma of either surviving the war by killing civilians, or giving in his own life and being noble. The majority of the film hinges upon the themes of such a choice.

6) The title Fury is meaningful in its own right. It revolves around the mental state of a human in the harshest of conditions. How long, the film asks, can a man keep himself civil when surrounded by violence and death.

7) The characters degenerate throughout the film, giving us the sense of the sheer trauma of wars. The character graphs are a straight line downward, and the film is directed well enough to invest you into the downhill spiral of the people in the movie.

8) The brutality of war is depicted in grissly fashion. There are a couple of scenes that will make you retch, but the gore and violence is meaningfully embellished in the story.

9) Technically, the film is terrific. Roman Vasyanov's cinematography and Steven Price's music add to the gritty and bleak nature of the milieu. Seldom has a war movie been to atmospheric and immersive.

10) The acting is top notch, particularly from Brad Pitt, who plays the team leader 'Wardaddy', and even Shia Le Beouf who physically scarred himself off screen to prepare for the role.

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