Movie Review: Grand Masti

Sep 13, 2013, 17:56 IST | Shaheen Parkar

The excessive bombardment of sexual gags in Grand Masti gets so repetitive that it leaves you not only nauseated, but simply bored.

“Are you a naughty boy? Should I punish you?” mouths one of the several Ms Plunging Necklines and Rising Hemlines in the film. The ‘boy’ in question is a married guy bored with his nagging wife. Needless to add there’s only one thing playing uppermost on his mind as well as of his two buddies.

Grand Masti
A still from the film. 

Adult comedies can be an engaging watch but there is a difference between being super-funny and outright vulgar. Grand Masti leans heavily on the latter. The makers seem to think that the audience can comprehend only in-your-face-humour. So there is nothing subtle nor is anything left to imagination — it’s all explicit. For them, it is not A for apple, B for ball and C for cat but for the various parts of the female anatomy which the cameras keep zooming in throughout the film to unlearn what was taught in kindergarten. However after a while, the excessive bombardment of the sexual gags gets so repetitive that it leaves you not only nauseated, but simply bored.

Indra Kumar earlier made films like Dil, Beta and Raja till he realised that comedy would again put him in the reckoning. He repeats his 2004 flick Masti trio — Riteish, Vivek and Aftab — for Grand Masti. While on a college reunion, they plan to have the time of their lives with three bombshells — Rose, Mery, Marlow — it’s all in the name after all as they keep repeating their names in quick succession.

In his endeavour to pen a sex film the writer (Milap Zaveri) concentrated more on the double entendres instead of weaving it in the storyline. The female cast has little to do but be sex objects. Sample one of their dialogues…. Meri do bahot badi doodh ke factories hai… The makers may be targetting the college kids (who will joke about it) and frontbenchers (with an aim to titillate), asinine stuff after all also has takers in the name of entertainment.

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