Movie review: Hit and Run

Sep 01, 2012, 00:24 IST | Mihir Fadnavis

Hit and Run is sadly Hit and Miss and is more the former than the latter. Blessed with a promising concept for a dark comedy, the film instead of being a laugh out loud riot stumbles to rom-com mode with derivative characters

Had co-director, writer and star Dax Shepherd been as devoted to keeping his off screen girlfriend Kristen Bell off the story, we could have had a fun action comedy. Shepard stars as Charlie Bronson, a nice guy who also happens to be a criminal.

Hit and Run

Bronson lives in a witness protection in California with his girlfriend Annie (Kristen Bell) but is forced to travel to LA and face off with a bunch of crime lords led by the dreadlocked Alex Dimitri (Bradley Cooper) whom he had ratted out.

Some dialogues are funny and Bell and Shepherd share a fun camaraderie, but the supporting cast brings out the best. Tom Arnold puts in his best performance since True Lies as a US marshal who has no idea how to drive a car or fire a gun. All the goofy fun is let down by curiously out of place, unfunny scenes. Some of the jokes are in just poor.

After Forgetting Sarah Marshall, this sort of movie seems perfect for Kristen Bell and she handles it nicely, at least in the rare moments when the film isn’t contrived. There are a few snazzy car chases, but it doesn’t help that they lead to an ending that is both completely ludicrous and bafflingly ineffective. 

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