Movie review: Howlarious!

Jan 13, 2012, 18:16 IST | Shubha Shety Saha

Movie review: Howlarious!

A; Horror
Dir: Puja Jatinder Bedi
Cast: Shiney Ahuja,  Sayali Bhagat, Deepraj Rana
1 (One and a half)

There are two types of films that stay with you long after you have finished watching them. The first is the kind that wows you because of its sheer genius and the second is, well, the kind that leaves you astounded with the director's audacity to churn out such a preposterous film. Ghost, of course, falls under the second category. 

A still from the movie 'Ghost'

Debut director Pooja Jatinder Bedi attempts to make a horror film with all serious intentions. However, instead of my knees shivering in fright, my tummy was aching with all that laughter that she had induced in the process. Wrong shot, ma'am.

The film opens with Doctor Saxena (Deepraj Rana) making out with a Japanese nurse inside the washroom of a hospital. Soon as the doctor leaves, the ghost (bad make-up, worse hairstyle, horrible acting) catches hold of the nurse. And then in the guise of the nurse, does an item number wearing a red negligee to woo the doctor before killing him and gruesomely yanking his heart out of his chest. You want to know more? Sigh.

Sayali Bhagat plays a doctor who on the first day of her duty wears a short, off shoulder number to work. And there she is sitting in her plush cabin amidst strange noises, and predictably she goes in search of the source of the noise. This is the hospital where ward boys move around in a suspicious manner even while serving coffee, just to add to the whole eerie effect. This is the hospital where doors open and close on their own, without as much as an explanation offered afterwards. This is the hospital where no patients are seen, except a white-haired one who walks in her sleep. Yes, this is the hospital that is lazily named city hospital.

Finally, hotshot detective (Shiney Ahuja) discovers that lot of tragedies happen in this hospital at the unearthly hour of 3 AM. And this particular ghost has a fetish. It pulls the hearts out and leaves them beating outside the body. Go figure that one. While you are at it, try figuring out the whole film.

Ghost brings up the age-old issue again. Why is Bollywood so bad at making horror movies? Except for Ram Gopal Varma's gems like Raat, Bhoot and Kaun and a stray film like Vastu Shastra, all we have are ridiculous pieces attempting to scare the audience. Stop it guys, we can't laugh any more.

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