Movie Review: 'Koyelanchal'

May 10, 2014, 08:03 IST | Shubha Shetty-Saha

 Gritty is one thing, cringe-worthy another. Koyelaanchal clearly falls into the second category.

A: Action
Dir: Asshu Trikha  
Cast: Suniel Shetty, Vinod Khanna, Vipinno

Gritty is one thing, cringe-worthy another. Koyelaanchal clearly falls into the second category. The premise of this film seemed interesting as it deals with the powerful coal mafia in Jharkhand.

Koyelaanchal has loads of unnecessary violence

Vinod Khanna plays the powerful mafia don, Saryu Bhan Singh, under whose reign law takes the last seat to watch at a distance, while the general junta is murdered and punched randomly and collectors are transferred at the flick of a hand.

Singh has a right-hand man in the form of Karwa (Vipinno) whose unflinching loyalty makes him casually kill and maim people who as much as mention a word against his maalik.

An upright District Collector (Suniel Shetty) comes into the region and he is at a loss about how to handle the situation, which seems too gruesome for his sensitive and honest self. The DC’s child gets kidnapped by Karwa and the two are forced to live together for a while. The film is shot in actual locations in Jharkhand.

Let me first count a few good things in the film. Vinod Khanna’s strong screen presence makes this still so handsome actor a convincing don. Suniel Shetty makes an honest effort as a helpless official and then as an even more helpless father. Well, that’s about it.

The first part of the film is unbearably loud and filled with unnecessary violence. As if mass killing is not enough to whet your appetite, there is a woman made to stand naked in middle of a market place.

And of course, there’s a stereotypical brazen sex worker who walks around with a gravity defying cholis. Subtlety is clearly not director Asshu Trikha’s forte as he bulldozes through one scene after another assaulting our senses.

Vipinno, as the always-frowning henchman of the don, makes a fairly decent debut, but his brawn (he does the mandatory shirtless scene too) attracts more attention than his acting skills.

If cringing in your seats is your favourite exercise, watch this one. Otherwise, avoid it. Your eardrums will thank you.

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