Movie Review: Mumbai Mirror

Jan 18, 2013, 18:36 IST | Shaheen Parkar

The film's script relies strictly on pleasing the single screen audience.

In his 2011 debut flick Azaan, Sachiin J Joshi seemed inspired by The Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible and all such flicks to recreate his version of high-octane stuff. In his second B-Town outing, the entrepreneur-turned-actor-producer has reprised B-Town’s cop with a golden heart dramas over the years. His character Abhijit Patil mouths in the film, “Mujhe sirf ek cheez se darr lagta hai... mujhe kissi se darr nahi lagta!” So any references and rip-offs are purely coincidental!

He is also told at the very outset that there is no such thing as a bad cop, good cop. That applies to the aam aadmi — police sirf police hota hai. He himself proclaims, “Mere andar keeda hai..” to set right the wrongs especially atrocities against women. With aviators perched on his nose, the trigger-happy cop kills whoever antagonises him, detests dance bars, checkmates the bar owner, sniffs cocaine and even has a romp with the goon’s keep! All in a day’s work.

A still from the film

Director Ankush Bhatt has a penchant for capturing Mumbai’s underbelly. His earlier film Bhindi Baazaar Inc too took on crime. But in this there is no reference to any area or police station in the city. Patil and the rest operate somewhere ‘in their areas’ with not much of Mumbai on view but more of the antics of the cops. There’s also a Ms Cleavage who when not displaying her assets or shaking her booty asks, “Do you believe in love?” Add to this a telly reporter who feels something for the cop. A reason enough for him to cavort her in colour-coordinated costumes among the country’s historical sites.

The supporting cast (Mahesh Manjrekar, Prakash Raj, Aditya Panscholi) play their parts in a script (penned by Ghalib Asad Bhopali) that relies strictly on pleasing the single screen audience. At the end it’s déjà vu, but when a film has been made to showcase Joshi what can you expect?

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