Movie review: Son of Sardaar

Published: Nov 14, 2012, 09:23 IST | Janhavi Samant |

How many Punjabis does it take to pull off a revenge killing? If you ask Son of Sardaar, one to find the victim and a dozen to chase and catch him!

In true Diwali spirit, Son of Sardaar arrives with a loud cacophony of guns, stunts and some overdone Punjabi slapstick. Works as timepass but hurts the ears. After all, how many bloodthirsty Punjabis can you see chasing in jeeps and flying through the air in one film with the Son of Sardaar war song thumping in the background?

Son of Sardaar

Well, to make a short story long, here is the plot. There’s a village where it is sufficiently normal to see riot-like long queues of jeeps with goons brandishing swords and guns, chasing a single unarmed man through the streets. Or where the police chief himself hands over a complainant to the accused because he understands their need for revenge.

The Randhawa family has a vengeful relationship with the Sandhu family. After the second last Randhawa kills the Sandhu head of family and gets killed by a Sandhu, his wise mother decides to flee to UK with the last Randhawa, her son Jassi (Ajay Devgn), in order to end the drama. Jassi grows up to be a bummer oblivious to his family history.

But the Sandhus haven’t forgotten. One of the Sandhu brothers Billo (Sanjay Dutt) leaves his marriage halfway and vows to finish the nuptials only after he finds and kills the last standing Randhawa. So do his young nephews who vow to abstain from cold drinks and ice cream till they exact their revenge. However, instead of seeking to hunt this boy and kill him, the Sandhu family is content to wait for the Randhawas to return to the village again.

Interestingly, Jassi gets a summon from the land department in Punjab informing him of land worth Rs 50 lakh that his family owns that he has to sort some matters for. He returns to his homeland unaware of the vengeful family lying in wait for him. To complicate matters, he also falls in love with a Sandhu girl.

Overall, the film starts awkwardly and then flings itself into one chase sequence after another till its very climax. But it does have its spooky moments, especially where the film pokes fun at itself. Devgn’s all charged. He is funny; it helps that he is one of the more sensible characters in the film. Sanju’s sense of timing and chemistry with Devgn works. Juhi shines in a tiny role. For a change, Sonakshi also has a meaty role. All in all, strictly a timepass film if you are willing to forgive the noise and the undeniable nonsense.

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