Moving to a new device got easier

May 12, 2014, 08:38 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Save & Go outlets across Mumbai enables easy transfer of data from an old phone to new phone

Did you just buy a new device, and are worried about transferring the contact details, messages and other information to your new phone? Perhaps, you should visit one of the Save & Go outlets in Mumbai.

Transferring contact details is a problem that most Indian phone buyers face on a regular basis. Most common are the ones who make the transition from really old devices that used to run on Java-based OS, or don’t have the facility to synchronise contacts with services such as Google Sync or iCloud, to one of the modern smartphones running on Android, Windows Phone OS or Apple’s iOS.

The task of transferring contacts is daunting in itself, but the problem worsens when the USB connectors for their phones can no longer be found. The Save & Go service aims to solve these issues.

These services, available at most electronic and gadget stores in the city, allow you to transfer your
contacts, messages, emails as well as pictures and videos to your new device regardless of the differences of producer/model/operating system between the devices. It’s also possible to get a back-up of all your phone data on a USB drive at a nominal cost here.

Available at Ezone and other electronic stores.

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