Mrunal Jain tries to get better with each scene

May 28, 2013, 14:51 IST | IANS

TV actor Mrunal Jain, currently seen in 'Uttaran', realises that the process of improving and learning is a must and tries to improvise on a script to deliver better

"We get a script every day and we try to change it as much as we can. We try to keep improving a lot. We to add to the script. I try to be a better actor with every scene," Mrunal said in an interview.

Mrunal Jain
Mrunal Jain

The actor, who plays Akash in the much-loved show, now wants to play something out-of-the-box which I have not played till now.

"I have to break that comfort zone," he added.

The show is undergoing many twists and turns at the moment, and Mrunal said that this has made the show interesting even during IPL time.

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