MSRDC, PWD websites have no data on toll figures after June 2014!

Jun 14, 2015, 07:00 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

Agency entrusted with updating toll-collection details on the sites of government agencies have not been doing their job; toll operators have also failed to keep them updated on the latest figures

Government agencies like Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) and Public Works Department (PWD) have to update toll-collection details on their websites. However, this has not happening on a regular basis as the last figures have been updated in June 2014.

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Dump it here: Mulund East toll naka. Pics/File pic
Dump it here: Mulund East toll naka. Pics/File pic 

On May 31, the government closed 12 toll plazas and gave exemption of toll to jeeps, cars, and government buses at 53 toll plazas in the state. According to MSRDC joint managing director SM Ramchandani, in April 2015, the figures were to be updated by May.

"I will have to check with the department why the figures have not been updated. The agency that was doing the work of updating toll collection figures has been changed. I do not recollect the new firm's name. I will see to it that the latest figures are updated on a regular basis," Ramchandani had said.

No transparency
Toll analyst Sanjay Shirodkar said, "A government rule clearly states that it is necessary to conduct the audit of all the toll plazas to ensure there is transparency in the amount of money collected by toll operators from a particular toll plaza. Toll contractors have to submit a toll-collection audit statement to the government but they don't do it."

Mulund toll naka
Mulund toll naka 

On waiver of toll for the five Mumbai entry/exit points and the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Shirodkar feels that it is possible to scrap these tolls, as there are clauses like termination and suspension of contract in the agreements signed by the government. "The government can take help of other clauses like suspension and termination, which are there in the contract, to close the toll plazas," Shirodkar said.

It is also compulsory to give details of the vehicle count and toll collection at each and every toll plaza on the websites of MSRDC and PWD. "The work for updating the toll collection figures was given to an agency but it is really unfortunate that no details are updated on PWD and MSRDC's websites.

Rather than speaking about buy-back and misleading the people, the CM should ask the concerned departments why the toll collection details are not uploaded on their websites," said Shirodkar, who has written several letters to the PWD minister, MSRDC minister and even the CM.

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"I have asked for time with them, but they never replied. The committee is formed by the government, but it has people from the government machinery itself. So how can you say that the committee findings that it puts forward are right? In order to have transparency, those who have been studying the toll issue should be included," added Shirodakar.

Dahisar toll naka
Dahisar toll naka 

In order to take a decision regarding waiving the toll for vehicles passing via five entry points to Mumbai and the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the state has appointed a committee under additional chief secretary Anand Kulkarni to look after the financial and legal aspects of the issue. The committee is expected to submit its report by end of July.

Anil Diggikar, vice chairman and managing director, MSRDC, said, "The details about the toll collection have not been updated on our website due to a technical issue. We were going to use a system which is used by the PWD but it did not work out. I have had a meeting with our technical team and will update the toll-collection figures soon."

Rs 2,100 crore
The amount paid by MEPL (Mumbai Entry Point Ltd) to MSRDC on November 20, 2010 as upfront payment towards the toll-collection contract for the five Mumbai Entry Points (MEPs). MEPL has a contract for collect till November 19, 2026.

Rs 12k crore
The approximate amount MEPL is expected to earn by the end of its tenure in 2030

Rs 31.4 lakh
The approximate daily toll collected at each of the MEPs. MEPL earns approximately R47.26 crore per month and R1.57 crore per day.

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