MTNL website for Mumbai attacked by Pakistani hacker

Aug 16, 2013, 21:14 IST | PTI

A Pakistani hacker operating out of Australia has taken responsibility for the act. The hacker has also claimed to have attacked the websites of Pune Traffic Police and

MTNL's website for Mumbai has been attacked by a suspected Pakistani hacker operating from Australia.

While MTNL today claimed that its website has been restored, some users complained that they were unable to access it.

"Hacked homepage if in cache of that customer, should be refreshed, otherwise it will continue to show old page," MTNL spokesperson in Delhi today said.

The website showed the message: "MrCreepy Was Here. Napsters CrEw. Happy Independence Day Pakistan. Greets: SEEKER, Dr.FREAK, MKHAN SWATI, And All Pakistani Hackers :D".

However, the corporate website of the telecom services provider, which has over 80 lakh customers, and its portal for Delhi customers were not affected.

In a post on social networking website Facebook, the hacker 'MrCreepy' also claimed to have attacked the websites of Pune Traffic Police and (a voluntary group).

Another post, dated August 14, stated "Lol Just rooted MTNL Server feeling excited".

However, the websites of Pune Traffic Police and were found to be working normally.

In June last year, MTNL's corporate website was disrupted by hacker group "Anonymous" to protest against "censorship" of the Internet.

However, city-specific websites (for Delhi and Mumbai) were not attacked then. 

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