Mukesh Khanna reveals why he didn't join the cast of Mahabharat on The Kapil Sharma Show

Updated: 06 October, 2020 14:42 IST | mid-day online correspondent | Mumbai

Mukesh Khanna has taken to his Instagram account and written a long note on why he didn't join the cast of Mahabharat recently on The Kapil Sharma Show and what he has to say about the same.

Picture Courtesy: Official Instagram Account/Mukesh Khanna
Picture Courtesy: Official Instagram Account/Mukesh Khanna

Recently, Kapil Sharma hosted the cast of the iconic television show, Mahabharat, but the only actor that was missing was Mukesh Khanna, who essayed the role of Bhishma Pitamah. And taking to his Instagram account, he has revealed the reason behind his absence from the show.

He wrote a note in Hindi and this is what it said- "This question has become viral, why Bhishma Pitamah was not there in the Mahabharata show? Some say he had not been invited. Somebody says he refused it himself. It is true that Mahabharata is incomplete without Bhishma. It is true that there is no question of not inviting. It is also true that I was the one to reject the invitation." (sic)

He gave a detailed reason behind his refusal to join the cast and also wrote- "The reason is that even though the Kapil Show is popular all over the country, I do not think there is a worse show than this. This show is full of slapstick, full of double meaning words, taking a turn towards vulgarity with every moment. In which the men wear women's clothes, do cheap things and people laugh, holding their stomachs." (sic)

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यà¥Â‡ पà¥Âरशà¥Âन वाà¤Â‡रल हà¥Â‹ à¤Âšà¥Âà¤Â•ा हà¥Âˆ à¤Â•à¥Â€ महाभारत शà¥Â‹ मà¥Â‡à¤Â‚ भà¥Â€षà¥Âम पितामह à¤Â•à¥Âयà¥Â‹à¤Â‚ नहà¥Â€à¤Â‚ ? à¤Â•à¥Â‹à¤Âˆ à¤Â•हता हà¥Âˆ à¤Â‰नà¤Â•à¥Â‹ à¤Â‡नà¥Âवाà¤Â‡à¤ÂŸ नहà¥Â€à¤Â‚ à¤Â•िया à¤Â—या। à¤Â•à¥Â‹à¤Âˆ à¤Â•हता हà¥Âˆ à¤Â‰नà¥Âहà¥Â‹à¤Â‚नà¥Â‡ à¤Â–़à¥Âद मना à¤Â•िया। यà¥Â‡ सà¤Âš हà¥Âˆ à¤Â•ि महाभारत भà¥Â€षà¥Âम à¤Â•à¥Â‡ बिना à¤Â…धà¥Â‚रà¥Â€ हà¥Âˆ। यà¥Â‡ सà¤Âš हà¥Âˆ à¤Â•ि à¤Â‡नà¥Âवाà¤Â‡à¤ÂŸ ना à¤Â•रनà¥Â‡ à¤Â•ा सवाल हà¥Â€ नहà¥Â€à¤Â‚ à¤Â‰ठता।यà¥Â‡ भà¥Â€ सà¤Âš हà¥Âˆ à¤Â•à¥Â€ मà¥Âˆà¤Â‚नà¥Â‡ à¤Â–़à¥Âद मनाà¤Â•र दिया था। à¤Â…ब यà¥Â‡ भà¥Â€ सà¤Âš हà¥Âˆ à¤Â•ि लà¥Â‹à¤Â— मà¥Âà¤Âसà¥Â‡ पà¥Â‚à¤Â›à¥Â‡à¤Â‚à¤Â—à¥Â‡ à¤Â•ि à¤Â•पिल शरà¥Âमा à¤Âœà¥Âˆसà¥Â‡ बड़à¥Â‡ शà¥Â‹ à¤Â•à¥Â‹ à¤Â•à¥Â‹à¤Âˆ मना à¤Â•à¥Âˆसà¥Â‡ à¤Â•र सà¤Â•ता हà¥Âˆ। बड़à¥Â‡ सà¥Â‡ बड़ा à¤Âà¤Â•à¥Âà¤ÂŸर à¤Âœाता हà¥Âˆ।à¤Âœातà¥Â‡ हà¥Â‹à¤Â‚à¤Â—à¥Â‡ लà¥Â‡à¤Â•िन मà¥Âà¤Â•à¥Â‡श à¤Â–नà¥Âना नहà¥Â€à¤Â‚ à¤Âœाà¤Âà¤Â—ा ! यहà¥Â€ पà¥Âरशà¥Âन à¤Â—à¥Â‚फ़à¥Â€ नà¥Â‡ मà¥Âà¤Âसà¥Â‡ पà¥Â‚à¤Â›ा à¤Â•ि रामायण à¤Â•à¥Â‡ बाद वà¥Â‹ लà¥Â‹à¤Â— हमà¥Â‡à¤Â‚ à¤Â‡नà¥Âवाà¤Â‡à¤ÂŸ à¤Â•रनà¥Â‡ वालà¥Â‡ हà¥Âˆà¤Â‚। मà¥Âˆà¤Â‚नà¥Â‡ à¤Â•हा तà¥Âम सब à¤Âœाà¤Â“ मà¥Âˆà¤Â‚ नहà¥Â€à¤Â‚ à¤Âœाà¤ÂŠà¤Âà¤Â—ा।à¤Â•ारण यà¥Â‡ à¤Â•ि भलà¥Â‡ हà¥Â€ à¤Â•पिल शà¥Â‹ पà¥Â‚रà¥Â‡ दà¥Â‡श मà¥Â‡à¤Â‚ पà¥Â‰पà¥Âयà¥Âलर हà¥Âˆ।परà¤Â‚तà¥Â मà¥Âà¤Âà¥Â‡ à¤Â‡ससà¥Â‡ à¤Âœ़à¥Âयादा वाहियात शà¥Â‹ à¤Â•à¥Â‹à¤Âˆ नहà¥Â€à¤Â‚ लà¤Â—ता। फà¥Â‚हड़ता सà¥Â‡ भरा हà¥Âà¤Â†, डबल मà¥Â€निà¤Â‚à¤Â— à¤Âœà¥Âमलà¥Â‹à¤Â‚ सà¥Â‡ भरपà¥Â‚र, à¤Â…शà¥Âलà¥Â€लता à¤Â•à¥Â€ à¤Â“र हर पल मà¥Âड़ता हà¥Âà¤Â† यà¥Â‡ शà¥Â‹ हà¥Âˆ। à¤Âœिसमà¥Â‡à¤Â‚ मरà¥Âद à¤Â”रतà¥Â‹à¤Â‚ à¤Â•à¥Â‡ à¤Â•पड़à¥Â‡ पहनता हà¥Âˆ।à¤Â˜à¤ÂŸिया हरà¤Â•तà¥Â‡à¤Â‚ à¤Â•रता हà¥Âˆ à¤Â”र लà¥Â‹à¤Â— पà¥Â‡à¤ÂŸ पà¤Â•ड़ à¤Â•र हà¤Âसतà¥Â‡ हà¥Âˆà¤Â‚। à¤Â‡स शà¥Â‹ मà¥Â‡à¤Â‚ लà¥Â‹à¤Â— à¤Â•à¥Âयà¥Â‹à¤Â‚ हà¥Âˆà¤Â‚ हà¥Âˆà¤Â‚ à¤Â•रà¤Â•à¥Â‡ हà¤Âसतà¥Â‡ हà¥Âˆà¤Â‚ मà¥Âà¤Âà¥Â‡ à¤Â†à¤Âœ तà¤Â• समà¤Â नहà¥Â€à¤Â‚ à¤Â†या।à¤Âà¤Â• बà¤Â‚दà¥Â‡ à¤Â•à¥Â‹ सà¥Â‡à¤Â‚à¤ÂŸर मà¥Â‡à¤Â‚ सिà¤Â‚हासन पर बिठा à¤Â•र रà¤Â–तà¥Â‡ हà¥Âˆà¤Â‚। à¤Â‰सà¤Â•ा à¤Â•ाम हà¥Âˆ हà¤Âसना।हà¤Âसà¥Â€ ना भà¥Â€ à¤Â†à¤Â तà¥Â‹ भà¥Â€ हà¤Âसना।à¤Â‡सà¤Â•à¥Â‡ à¤Â‰नà¥Âहà¥Â‡à¤Â‚ पà¥Âˆसà¥Â‡ मिलतà¥Â‡ हà¥Âˆà¤Â‚।पहलà¥Â‡ à¤Â‡स à¤Â•ाम à¤Â•à¥Â‡ लिà¤Â सिदà¥Âध भाà¤Âˆ बà¥Âˆठतà¥Â‡ थà¥Â‡।à¤Â…ब à¤Â…रà¥Âà¤Âšना बहन बà¥Âˆठतà¥Â€ हà¥Âˆ। à¤Â•ाम? सिरà¥Âफ़ हा हा हा à¤Â•रना !!! à¤Âà¤Â• à¤Â‰दाहरण दà¥Â‚à¤Âà¤Â—ा। à¤Â†प समà¤Â à¤Âœाà¤Âà¤Âà¤Â—à¥Â‡ à¤Â•ि à¤Â•à¥Â‹मà¥Â‡डà¥Â€ à¤Â•ा सà¥Âतर à¤Â•ितना à¤Â˜à¤ÂŸिया हà¥Âˆ à¤Â‡स शà¥Â‹ मà¥Â‡à¤Â‚। à¤Â†प सबनà¥Â‡ दà¥Â‡à¤Â–ा हà¥Â‹à¤Â—ा।à¤Â‡सà¤Â•à¥Â‡ पहलà¥Â‡ à¤Â•ा रामायण शà¥Â‹।à¤Â•पिल à¤Â…रà¥Âण à¤Â—à¥Â‹विल à¤Â•à¥Â‹ पà¥Â‚à¤Â›ता हà¥Âˆ। à¤Â†प बà¥Â€à¤Âš पर नहा रहà¥Â‡ हà¥Â‹à¤Â‚। भà¥Â€ड़ मà¥Â‡à¤Â‚ सà¥Â‡ à¤Âà¤Â• बà¤Â‚दाà¤Â à¤Âšिलà¥Âला à¤Â•र बà¥Â‹लता हà¥Âˆ.. à¤Â…रà¥Â‡ दà¥Â‡à¤Â–à¥Â‹ दà¥Â‡à¤Â–à¥Â‹ राम à¤Âœà¥Â€ भà¥Â€ VIP underwear पहनतà¥Â‡ हà¥Âˆà¤Â‚ ! à¤Â†प à¤Â•à¥Âया à¤Â•हà¥Â‡à¤Â‚à¤Â—à¥Â‡ ? मà¥Âˆà¤Â‚नà¥Â‡ सिरà¥Âफ़ पà¥Âरà¥Â‹मà¥Â‹ दà¥Â‡à¤Â–ा। à¤Â‰समà¥Â‡à¤Â‚ à¤Â…रà¥Âण à¤Â—à¥Â‹विल à¤Âœà¥Â‹ शà¥Âरà¥Â€ राम à¤Âœà¥Â€ à¤Â•à¥Â€ à¤Â‡मिà¤Âœ लà¥Â‡à¤Â•र à¤Â˜à¥Â‚मतà¥Â‡ हà¥Âˆ, सिरà¥Âफ़ मà¥Âसà¥Âà¤Â•à¥Âरा दिà¤Â।à¤Âœिसà¤Â•à¥Â‹ दà¥Âनिया राम à¤Â•à¥Â‡ रà¥Â‚प मà¥Â‡à¤Â‚ दà¥Â‡à¤Â–तà¥Â€ हà¥Âˆ à¤Â‰ससà¥Â‡ à¤Â†प यà¥Â‡ à¤Â˜à¤ÂŸिया पà¥Âरशà¥Âन पà¥Â‚à¤Â› à¤Â•à¥Âˆसà¥Â‡ सà¤Â•तà¥Â‡ हà¥Âˆà¤Â‚ ! नहà¥Â€à¤Â‚ मालà¥Â‚म à¤Â…रà¥Âण नà¥Â‡ à¤Âœवाब मà¥Â‡à¤Â‚ à¤Â•à¥Âया à¤Â•हा।मà¥Âˆà¤Â‚ हà¥Â‹ता तà¥Â‹ à¤Â•पिल à¤Â•ा मà¥Âà¤Âह बà¤Â‚द à¤Â•रा दà¥Â‡ता।à¤Â‡सà¥Â€ लिà¤Â मà¥Âˆà¤Â‚ नहà¥Â€à¤Â‚ à¤Â—या।

A post shared by Mukesh Khanna (@iammukeshkhanna) onOct 3, 2020 at 10:14pm PDT

The actor is also known for another iconic character called Shaktimaan, and it's all set to turn into a movie franchise. And talking about it, Khanna said, "Kids across the country write to me, requesting that I create a new season of the series. I know the excitement around the subject hasn't dwindled. Shaktimaan is the first Indian superhero, after all. The makers of Krrish had Rs 150 crore [to make the film] and I didn't, which is why it took so long to develop the plan. Now, everything is slowly falling in place."

He added, "I can't reveal who we are considering to play the new Shaktimaan. The final announcement will happen when the deal is sealed. Shaktimaan has to be bigger than Krrish and Ra.One [2011]. It has to be an Indian franchise with international standards."

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First Published: 06 October, 2020 08:06 IST

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