'Mum interferes every time I get ready for a date'

Updated: 18 November, 2017 09:59 IST | Dr Love | Mumbai

'My mother interferes in everything I do whenever I have a date, right down to telling me what to wear...'

My mother interferes in everything I do whenever I have a date, right down to telling me what to wear. We end up fighting every time and this always ruins my mood. How do I deal with it?
It's a sign of how much she cares, to be honest. If you don't want her help, you don't have to take it, but you can always do her the courtesy of listening. You can also sit her down, thank her for caring, and ask her to let you do things on your own. She may surprise you by agreeing.

I dated a girl for three months and then decided it wasn't going to work out. She kept saying I was wrong, and begged me to reconsider, but I was pretty sure I had made the right decision. I began dating someone else a week or two ago, and just found out that the girl I used to be with has been sending my current girlfriend messages on Facebook, warning her about my character and asking her to leave me. She has been saying nasty things about me, and says I promised to marry her, which is a blatant lie, because we were together for just three months. This is beginning to frighten my girlfriend, who says it isn't worth the trouble. What if this girl continues to harass everyone I am with? What do I do? Should I file a complaint?
If there is slander, you have the right to file a complaint because it is a punishable offence. I suggest you reach out to this girl and inform her about what it means though, because it's possible that she doesn't understand the consequences. She also needs to be aware of how her actions are harming you, and why you think she is being unfair. Sometimes, all people really want is someone to listen to them. Reach out to her and find out what she thinks you can do to get her to stop attacking you.

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First Published: 18 November, 2017 09:20 IST

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