Mum wants me to break up and focus on studies

Updated: 29 November, 2017 09:41 IST | Dr Love | Mumbai

My mother was cleaning my room a week ago and found photographs of a girl I have been dating

Dr. Love

Dr. LoveMy mother was cleaning my room a week ago and found photographs of a girl I have been dating. Mum asked if the girl was my girlfriend and I admitted she was, after which she asked me to stop dating her because I had to focus on my studies. I can't dump her just because my mother asked me to though. What should I do?

Tell your mother how you feel, speak to your girlfriend, and convince them that you can make them both happy with a few adjustments to your schedule. Focus on your studies, by all means, and ask your girlfriend to be a little patient whileyou study. If your mother no longer has a valid excuse, why will she stop you?

I am madly in love with my cousin's best friend, even though I know she is dating someone. I don't like the boy she is with and have even considered asking my cousin to poison this girl's mind against him. I don't know if she will though, because she cares about her friend a lot. I know this is wrong, but I was taught that everything is fair in love and war. If I don't get her to break up with her boyfriend, I will never be able to tell her how I feel. I have considered speaking to her anyway, but I know she won't take me seriously while she is in a relationship. Am I doing something wrong?

It's easy to bring in fairness during love and war because it conveniently sweeps under the carpet the fact that people end up getting hurt. You don't know this girl very well, nor do you know her boyfriend. You don't know if she's happy in this relationship or if she has any feelings for you at all. Your idea of getting someone to like you is to poison that person's mind against someone she presumably likes. Do you still have doubts about whether or not you are doing something wrong? Wake up.

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First Published: 29 November, 2017 06:00 IST

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